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Investor Relations

Shareholder Information

Transfer Agent and Registrar: Computershare
Address for First Class Mail Delivery: P.O. Box 43006, Providence, RI 02940-3006
Address for Overnight Mail Delivery: 150 Royall St., Suite 101, Canton MA 02021

Toll Free Telephone Number: 800-368-5948
Toll Number: 781-575-4223


Board of Directors

Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Good Day,

Welcome to our Website and Bank.  I am Dawn Ratliff, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the First Federal Community Bank of Bucyrus Ohio. I have been a member of the board since 2009 serving in various committee capacities and was elected Chairman in 2020.
The Bank has seen many changes since it was chartered in 1888, but what has not changed is the excellent service you receive. We have many locations to choose from with three located in Bucyrus, one in New Washington, one in Crestline, and one in Marysville. We also have increased our market penetration by adding the Secondary Mortgage lending area, which provides customers access to conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA products, along with portfolio lending products. With lending offices throughout the state of Ohio, we are able to provide Mortgage lending services to a wide range of borrowers.
We also service various savings vehicles within the bank as well as provide a financial analyst at the east branch by appointment.
We are pleased to serve you with an excellent dependable results driven staff of people that will assist you in person and through the electronic medium.

  • Dawn S. Ratliff
    Chairman of the Board
  • Philip W. Gerber
    Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Bradley P. Murtiff
  • D. Brent Fissel
  • Michael J. Romanoff
  • Roger R. Miller
  • Jason R. McMullen
  • David Wise

Honorary Directors

  • Phillip E. Harris
  • Thomas Moore
  • John Kennedy (deceased)
  • Dale C. Hoyles
  • John Mizick

Bank Executives 

Bradley P. Murtiff

Bradley P. Murtiff
President & Chief Executive Officer
Email Bradley P. Murtiff

Steven R. Crall

Steven R. Crall
Email Steven R. Crall

Kathy Young

Kathy Young
Vice President
Email Kathy Young

Monica Sack

Monica Sack
Vice President &
Chief Human Resources Officer
Email Monica Sack

Brandy Hoepf Small

Brandy Hoepf
Vice President &
Chief Lending Officer-Portfolio
Email Brandy Hoepf

Jeff Urban

Jeff Urban
Director of Commercial Lending
Email Jeff Urban

Eric J. Savidge Small

Eric J. Savidge
Vice President &
Chief Lending Officer-Secondary Market
Email Eric J. Savidge

Donna Conley small

Donna Conley
Vice President of Commercial Lending
Email Donna Conley

Statement of Condition

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Annual Reports

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