Message from the President

The day has come when our renovation is complete, and we are open for business!  We are very proud of the end result, and would like to extend an invitation to everyone to stop in!  We would love to show you around!  While there are still some of the finishing touches being completed, I would like to highlight a few things that are (or soon will be) available to everyone:

a) an ATM machine located in our vestibule, accessible 24/7 with an active debit/credit card.  This does NOT have to be a First Federal card.  For your security, the exterior AND interior of the vestibule are equipped with cameras, and the door will lock behind you. (NOTE:  there is a mechanical issue with the card reader, and we are awaiting a replacement part, but it should arrive soon!),

b) a meeting room that is available to any community organization or group that needs a place to meet.  It can be accessed any time that you need it, via a programmed key fob, and can be accessed from the exterior.  Please contact me to make arrangements for that,

c) fully functional wi-fi for everyone to access and,

c) parking and access in our rear parking lot.  You now have additional parking in the rear of the building, and access through a back door.  For your security, we have cameras and lighting on the lot and rear entrance.

I would like to thank PW Campbell for an incredible design, and getting this project off the ground for us.  They provided the road map, plans and branding, and without them, we would have never been able to envision such a dramatic change to our buildings.  I would also like to acknowledge all of our local contractors that provided such a quality product, amazing service, and execution of the plan:    J&F Construction, Kiess Electric, Kinn Plumbing and Heating, Zeigler Electric, CD Cabinetry, Henak Masonry, Cosam Contracting, Lehr Awning, Gandert Door, ABC Drywall, Clady’s Flooring, Skaggs Painting, Rush Woodworks, Rush Tool and Pattern, Business Essentials, All Glass Systems, National Safe and OVIS.  We are thankful to have worked with all of you!

Come in and check it out…any of us would be happy to give you a tour!

We are proud to be YOUR community bank!

Thank you,